King Herod, who we wrote about in our piece on Herodion, is widely considered to be one of the finest and most accomplished architects to work in the area that Israel now sits in. The paranoid and power-hungry king who built Herodion, the Second Temple, and the fortress at Masada decided to build the coast city of Caesarea in honor of Caesar Augustus, the Roman Emperor at that time. Throughout its history, the city has been sacked, rebuilt, and inhabited by people and armies from all over the world. While the modern city of Caesarea is far from shabby, don’t miss out on a trip to the more ancient part of town.

Caesarea Ruins

Caesarea Ruins

Entrance to the sites costs money, but a visit it well worth it! Check out the ancient amphitheater, where Israeli singers still perform in front of huge, enthusiastic crowds to this day; look out into the beautiful Mediterranean Sea; sit along the former horse racing stadium and take in the vastness of the space. All in all, a day trip to Caesarea is a must for anyone looking to blend an interest in Israel’s ancient history with a desire to see one of the country’s most beautiful places!


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