Dealing with cold while trekking

Except from superb equipment, you should know a few facts about keeping warm in the Desert. It tends to be very cold in the Israeli desert. The temperatures vary from 0-10 degrees Celsius at night but it seems much cooler because of some important factors like wind and temperature radiation. After the sun sets, the ground starts to get rid from all the heat absorbed into it. Some tips for dealing with the situation:

  • Try to end your day prior to the sunset. Arrive at camp not later than 30 minutes before it gets dark. When arriving at camp, don’t lay down but build up your tent and make up your campsite.
  • Choose a place with no wind. The wind brings down the temperature greatly. Always choose a place that is relatively at low grounds and with as much protection from wind as possible.
  • Don’t sleep in the lowest point in the campground, and not inside dry streams. This is because cold air is more heavy and dense then hot air. It tends to sunk to the lowest point at night.
  • Wear your warm clothes before you get cold. As soon as you finish building up you camp, don’t wait and change to a warm outfit. Once your body gets cold, it is much harder to warm-up.
  • Sleep on a mattress. A mattress is a good choice for comfort ability, but also for  blocking the cold to arrive from the chilling ground. You don’t need a very thick mattress, just thick enough for isolation.
  • When you wake up in the morning, try to make yourself a hot drink. It will wake you up and warm you up. You can leave your stove near your sleeping bag or just outside the tent and warm up you hot drink while staying inside your sleeping bag.
  • If it’s very cold, and you sleep without a tent, and you had a bonfire before you went to sleep, you can dig a small, shallow and wide hole, about 5 cm deep and in the size of your mattress. When you are finished, put the coals left from the fire inside the hole and cover it with 3 cm off sand. Put your mattress over this sand and the heat from the restaurant will keep you warn for a few hours. Be careful not to burn yourself, dig a hole deep enough!
  • Sleep close to your friends – in a row. Put the strong and fit on the outside and the people who suffer from cold weather inside. They will suffer less from the cold and the wind.

Stay warm!