Florentin Graffiti Tour

A Thrillist.com article written in 2014 ranks Tel-Aviv’s Florentin neighborhood as the second most “hipster” neighborhood in the world. As the article states, Florentin’s “…blend of traditional culture and contemporary style…ultimately drew the hipster crowd there.” Wander around the area on any day of the week and you’ll surely run into a wide variety of characters. Musicians and artists have made this eclectic part of Tel-Aviv both their home and work space. As a direct result of the neighborhood’s young population and the culture that’s been instilled here, Florentin has developed an incredibly intricate and extensive graffiti scene. Artists from all sorts of different backgrounds use buildings, lamp posts, and everything in between as their personal canvases to display their work.

In order to get a good sense of what life in Florentin is like, we recommend that you walk around the neighborhood and take some time to admire its many works of art. Though going out during the day to check out the scene is fun, many tour guides say that the best time to head out to see the works of graffiti is at night, as parked cars and other distracting objects won’t inhibit your view of the works. For a more informative and in-depth look at Florentin’s graffiti scene and cultural makeup, find a guide who specializes in Florentin graffiti tours. Though much of the artwork that you’ll see can and should ultimately be left up to your personal interpretation, there’s a great deal of background information about the graffitiing process (legality, most optimal time to work, messages deeply rooted in social and political events/opinions, etc.) that you’ll only be able to fully enjoy and understand with the help of a tour guide.


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Adam Schrag 2015