Hashofet Stream – Northern Israel – One Day Hike


Hashofet wadi (stream) is one of Israel’s most visited streams since it has year round access, great views and fountains that give off great water all year long. This one day trip can be walked or biked. We will discuss both routes in this article.

this trail is located in a region called Menashe Plateau, Located  between the Carmel mountain range and the Jezreel Valley

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Duration half day hikeDistance – 7 KMDifficulty  easyStarting – 4 Km south of Elyakim Junction

End Point – Hazore’a Kibutz

Nearest town – Yokne’am

Transport – Bus, hitchhike

Preferred season – all year long



  • What to bring:
Comfortable walking shoes
bathing suit if you plan on swimming
– Water – 2-3 Liters
Hat & Sunblock
Map number 4
– Snacks
– Cellular phone
– First aid kit- A hat– Camera- Bathing suit and towel if you intend to swim..


If you chose to walk, this trip takes around 3-4 hours on way down. With bike, It’s about 1.5 hours downhill.

You will need 2 cars if you don’t want to return back to the same spot walking/biking.

Getting there and away: 


Hashofet Stream

Hashofet Stream

Drive from your hotel to the city Of Zichron Letsion. From there, take route 70 to the east for around 20 Km until reaching Elyakim Interchange. Exit and drive to the south for about 4 Km until you’ll see the 20 KM road mark (1) (a mark on the side of the road stating how many Km you have droven). You’ll see a small parking spot to your left. Park there and look for the red mark that goes downhill.

Hashofet Stream

Hashofet Stream

The end of the route is inside Hazor’ea Kibutz which is just 2 Km south of the small city of Yokne’am.










If you come with public transportation, you will need to take a bus to Elyakim Junction (Tzomet Elyakim in Hebrew, צומת אליקים). There are many daily buses to there from Tel Aviv. From Elyakin Junction you will need to either walk 4 Km south on the road of Hitch-hike. From the end point of the route, you have to walk 2 Km north to Yokne’am junction from where you’ll find many buses to Tel-aviv and to the north.

The Route

Hashofet national park is called after Julian Mack, an American-Jewish judge who was a great Zionist and contributor to the Jewish settlement. The word “Hashhofet” in Hebrew means Judge.

Start walking downhill on the red mark. You will walk for just 1 Km until reaching a beautiful fountain named “ein rehania” between raspberry bushes. Feel free to enter or just sit beneath the shadow of a great tree in the fountain.

Continue on the red mark for another 1 Km and you’ll reach another fountain. This one is streaming down a small rapid waterfall. The red mark continues downhill and enters a wooded area where you’ll find many place to stop and sit and listen and smell this great nature.

Hashofet Stream


You’ll soon reach another fountain call Emi Fountain. It’s another quiet and shadowy fountain that you can put your feet into it and enjoy..

This is the end of the route. You just need to descend 1 more Km downhill until you will reach the Kibutz.


You can find many restaurants at Yokne’am just 2 Km north of the end point.