Jisr az-Zarqa

Jisr az-Zarqa holds the distinction of being the only Arab town located on Israel’s coastline. Sandwiched between Caesarea and Kibbutz Magan Michael, Jisr az-Zarqa has recently made a push to become a relevant and worthwhile tourist destination. Although the town’s poverty rates makes the residents’ dream that their home can become a popular place to visit seem hazy, the strides that they’ve made in recent years leads many to believe that they will eventually succeed in landing on the map. The town’s beautiful landscape and geography is impossible to disregard; the Mediterranean Sea offers beautiful views, boating, fishing, and swimming opportunities here. Additionally, the dunes and cliffs by the coast are pretty to walk on and provide visitors with an ideal place to take photos. The most important and enticing element that the town has to offer is the overall friendliness of the townspeople, who are genuinely excited and hopeful about the prospects of making Jisr az-Zarqa a popular tourist location.

Visitors Enjoy Jisr az-Zarqa’s Coastal Cliffs

An additional reason to believe in Jisr az-Zarqa’s chances of succeeding is the fact that it is part of the Israel National Trail. Its ideal location motivated a number of residents to open up Juha’s Guesthouse, a hostel that offers trekkers and travelers the perfect place to stop and rest for the night. Juha’s Guesthouse (058-588-5589, 052-882-4570) is the best place to get in contact with if you’re planning to visit Jisr az-Zarqa, as they will provide you with suggestions of where to go and when. To read more about Jisr az-Zarqa’s remarkable turnaround and future prospects as a community, check this Times of Israel article published in 2015.


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Adam Schrag 2015