Nachlat Binyamin

Nachlat Binyamin offers visitors the chance to experience a very exciting part of Tel-Aviv culture. The main attraction is “Midrahov,” the art market, which is open on Tuesdays and Fridays every week of the year. Times change depending on the season, though, so make sure to stay updated:

Summer: Tuesdays: 10 AM to 6PM…Fridays: 10AM to 5PM

Winter: Tuesdays: 10AM to 5PM…Fridays: 10AM to 4:30PM

The art market has been going on for 20 years, and offers visitors an incredibly unique Tel-Avivan shopping experience. Art products and handmade creative items are sold here for generally reasonable prices. This is the perfect place to buy gifts and enjoy fine, handmade art.

Handmade Bottles

Besides offering visitors a great shopping experience, Nachlat Binyamin also doubles as a terrific people-watching site, as the people who come to work, buy, or wander through the market come from all sorts of interesting backgrounds. Enjoy a coffee or beer as you wander through the area and take in the spectacular scene. Additionally, on election days and/or holidays like Purim, you’ll see many characters walking around in costumes. This, together with the fact that the buildings surrounding the market are intriguing in their own ways, should be enough of a reason to bring your camera and snap a bunch of pictures!

In the map below, you’ll find that we’ve added Nachlat Binyamin to a route that includes Rothschild Boulevard–one of the nicest streets to walk in all of Tel-Aviv. Additionally, head to over to Shul HaCarmel (Carmel Market), which we’ve discussed and analyzed in this writeup. Shuk HaCarmel and the art market are two very different types of markets. Shuk HaCarmel opens daily from morning to evening, with Saturdays being the only day that it stays closed. Head over there after checking out the art market to find food, CD’s, clothes, and everything else.

Guaranteed Fun!!


Itamar Mor and Adam Schrag 2015