One Day Hike at the Yarkon River in Tel Aviv

One day hike in the Yarkon river & Park in Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv – The center and mainstream of Israel, a city with much to offer, from restaurants, museums, night life, parks, beaches and much more. Therefore you should know you won’t be alone here.

This hike / bike ride is about 4Miles each way.


How to get there: see the map below, you can start at any edge of the marked map.

1st option is starting on the east side near Ramat Gann Stadium.

2nd option is to start at the west site in Tel Aviv Port


The Hike could defiantly be a bike ride along the Yarkon & Ayalon river. If you would like to rent a bicycle you can do so with in one of the booths along the route or in the Tel Aviv Port (West point marked on the map).

On the east point (that is marked on the map) there is the Maccabiah Bridge, which is historical for Israelis because it collapsed while pedestrians were on the bridge (mostly athletes that were visiting Israel to participate in the Maccabiah Games. (don’t worry, it’s safe now) :)

For more info see Wikipedia Article:

Maccabiah bridge collapse

Did you know this route is part of Israel’s National Trail, you can identify in the gallery below some of the signs.

Along this route, you will see that there are many sides to this park, many areas to relax in the beautiful nature and green view. This relaxing route fits almost all year long and all ages, you can enjoy it with your family, children or any partner. In the Yarkon river you will see often people sailing with rowboats and kayaks.

On the west side of the route, you will see the fancy port of Tel Aviv offering resturants, ice cream shops and many other shopping shops. Also looking to the north you will see Reading Power Station. This power station is supplying power to the center of Israel.

For those who decided to rent a bicycle, here is some useful information:

  • Daily subscription costs 14ILS
  • Daily subscription – Saturdays and Public holidays 20ILS
  • *Prices may change, they are correct according to November 2012.
  • Click here to view the full Subscription & Rates
  •  Want to learn how it works, watch this short movie regarding bike rental in Tel Aviv
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