One day hike in Israel – The Carmel Mountain

One day hike in the Carmel Mountain (two options)


The Carmel mountain is Loacated just 30 minutes north of Tel Aviv and is definitely one of Israel’s most popular hiking site. This is mainly due to the fact that it is evergreen and convenient to hike. In this article you will find two daily hikes in the Carmel.


What to bring: hat and 3 liters of water per person is mandatory. There are fountain in the hike in hike number 1 so be sure to bring bathing clothes.

How to get there: from Tel-Aviv, take one of the many buses daily to Haifa, the third biggest city in the Israel. For Hike number one, you can take a local bus (bus number 3, 35, 43, 114, 11, 29, 46) to the cemetery on “Megorashey Sfrad” road. For hike number 2, take bus number 37A, 50, 791 to Damoon intersction.

Maps: map number 4 is what you need. Any trekking equipment store holds a map like this.

Scenery in the proximity of the hike:

Haifa. Israel’s third largest city and one of the most famous for it’s beauty, diversity (Jews and Muslims and Christians all live happily side by side). There are lots to do in Haifa. From Beaches to Museums, you can find your place there.

You can plan on hiking one day, sleeping in Haifa and hike the second day.

Osafia and Dalyat-El Carmel – two Druze villages located just 15 minutes from Haifa on the ridge of the Carmel. Take you time to wonder around in the cultural area.

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Hike number 1 – 2 fountains in one day

Duration – 1 day

Distance – 7 km

Difficulty – easy-moderate

Starting point – Haifa cemetery

End point – Tirat-Hacarmel neighborhood

Transport – bus. Hitching

Preferred season – year round

The hike

Start of from the cemetery on a paved road uphill to the small stream that ends in the ridge above. This stream is called “wadi Siach” which means “bush stream” not named after George Bush but on the many bushes on the way..

A family lives in the opening of the stream, Kiat family. You will walk on the road leading to their garden and continue uphill. You will soon see on your right a beautiful orchard with many trees such as pomegranate, olive trees and many more. There are stairs leading down to the orchard. In the center of it you will see a big 5 by 5 meter pool. It is clear during winter, spring and early summer and a bit green later on but the water are absolutely clean. Jump in, what are you waiting for?

After you are done, you need to continue uphill for 45 minutes on a black marked route. You will see another fountain on the way so it you’re tired and hot you can stop again. This one is much smaller. Continue uphill and reach the city of Haifa. You will need to walk for 15 more minutes until you reach the main road of Haifa – “Moriah Avenue”. This is where you take another bus to the next fountain and the next part of the hike. Any bus that goes to the University of Haifa will be good.

When reaching the University of Haifa you will see on the west, the ridge descending to the sea. Look for another black marked route and descend down for 30-40 minutes until you see a stream to the north and a little water-through. Look closely inside this building and you will see a narrow entrance to a small water tunnel. Leave your belongings outside and enter the tunnel for about 10 meters and you will reach the place where the water burst out of the mountain.

After bathing in the tunnel, continue downhill, the route will change it’s color to blue and continue west until the neighborhood of Tirat-Hakarmel. Almost any bus will bring you back to the main bus station in Haifa.

Hike number 2 – Descending the Carmel Ridge

Duration – 1 day

Distance – 12 km

Difficulty – medium

Starrting point – Damoon Intersection

Ending point – Oren Intersection

Transport – bus. Hitching

Preferred season – it is possible to hike year long but during January to May it is much more blossoming.

The hike

From Damoon Intersection there is a blue marked route descending from the intersection on a general heading of south-west for 1.5 km. you will reach a big valley and the route becomes green, turn left and continue south in the valley for another 1 km until reaching a black path which is also marked with the Israel national trail marking of white, blue and brown. You need to turn right and to the west and stay on this marking until the end of this hike.

The route climbs up for 30 minutes until reaching “Shokef mountain”. You can take a look at almost all of the Carmel. Continue north-west for 45 minutes and cross the road. The route continues west and walks between the “Mediterranean forests” of the Carmel. More info here:,_woodlands,_and_scrub

During the last part of the hike you will see a very big cave. It is a prehistoric cave call the “finger cave” which archeologist think was a home to a prehistoric nomad tribe that lived in this area. There is another cave close by called “Me’arot Cave” which you can find info about in this website:

After visiting the cave, the leave the marked route and continue west on the road for 1 km until reaching Oren Intersection. Any bus will take you either northbound to Haifa or Southbound to Tel-Aviv.