One day hike in Israel – The proximity of Tel Aviv

One day hike in the proximity of Tel Aviv


The city of Tel aviv and it’s nearby suburbs, lie in the area of most of central Israel. This area was only 60 years ago almost not inhabited and roamed with nature. The following hike is in a preserved area in the Yarkon river basin, from the place where the river starts to the Mediterranean sea.

We have recently heard that it was not allowed to bath in the pools at the beginning of the trek.
We recommend you to look for a sign and follow the instruction on the sign as regarding to bathing in the pools
have fun!


What to bring: hat and 3 liters of water per person is mandatory. There is a fountain in the hike so be sure to bring bathing clothes if you’d like to hop in.

How to get there: from Tel-Aviv, take one of the many buses daily to Petah-Tikva and from the central station in Petach-Tikva take route number 7 or 17 that leaves every 10 minutes to “Ein-Afek” national park. You can also take a taxi from Tel-Aviv to the national park for about 150 Shekels. If you are more than 2 persons, this option will be cheaper for you.

Maps: map number 10 is what you need. Any trekking equipment store holds a map like this.

The Hike

Duration – 1 day

Distance – 20 km

Difficulty –moderate

Starting point – “Tel Afek” national park

End point – The Yarkon river promenade in Tel-Aviv

Preferred season – year round

The hike

Start of from the entrance to Tel-Afek national park, and ancient city built by Herod The great. You are more than welcome to enter and walk around.. more info here:

After you tour around, find the Israel national trail mark inside the national park (ask arund, the park is relatively small). You need to walk west on the trail and leave the park. You will walk for about 1 km next to the railroad that connects Tel-Aviv to It’s eastern suburbs. When reaching a pond-like area, walk around the pond and you will reach a small pool of water that rise from the Yarkon River springs, the place where the water arise and start to descend to the Mediterranean sea.

There is a big clear water fountain just on the route. You will see a water-pumping station just south of the fountain. A small stream flows from the water pump to the pool. The pool is actually composed of water that were leftovers from the pump. You can also observe the year-round blossoming of the Nuphar, a yellow flower that grows in sweat water. More info:

When you are done swimming, continue on the same route to the west. After about 1 Km, you will reach the Baptist’s village. It is a big area with many sport fields and conference rooms as well as a farm and an old orphanage building. You can camp and take a tour inside if you wish, they are warm people. More info:

continue with the Yarkon river to the north and you the route goes beneath a road and after another 1 k”m, you will reach another road. After the second road, you will find 2 flour mills, from an old village that was once here, around 100 years ago. The flour mills were restores in 2003.

The next 6 K”m have no interest points but the view of the Yarkon river, the orange orchards around the way and the flowers during spring are a sight to sea. After crossing 2 roads, you will reach a point where the route becomes paved and enters the Yarkon Park. It is a big park located in the Northern part of Tel-Aviv. From this point you have 2 options, the first one is to finish up in this point and head via public transportation or via taxi to the center of Tel aviv. The second option is to continue your walk in the Yarkon park for another 5 Km until the route finishes at the place where the Yarkon river flows to the sea. If you take the second route, you will be near roads the whole time, so you can take a taxi out of the route when pleased.

The Yarkon park has big playgrounds, sports fields and a rowing-boat club. The place where the Yarkon river flows into the sea is one of Tel-Aviv’s most attractive tourist attractions with the big new harbor which holds restaurants, clubs and so on. You can plan on finishing your long day here in a restaurant in front of the blue sea.

Have fun!